All machines are from Germany, they are repaired and able to sew immediately. Some machines have special bobins, this is indicated, replacement bobins are always included. Some machines are marked in green, these are still being repaired and renovated, but are nearly done. The machines will arrive in Freetown beginning of March and will have to be picked up upon notice when we get them out of the port.

Please choose the machines you want and cross-check if they are still available. Mail to Lars and Marion:

You find the categories of the machines in the 6th column.

Category A: 192 USD
These are complex machines with zigzag and stitching facilities.

Category B: 156 USD
These machines can all zigzag.

Category C: 120 USD
These are basic but very reliable machines, no zigzag.

Category D: 72 USD
We have included a few machines with vibrating (swinging) shuttle. The bobins are different, but these machines sew beautifully, so we decided to include them. (